Oralwell® Oral Fluid HIV ½ Antibodies Screen Test

Many people who are infected with HIV don’t have symptom for many years, but can pass the virus to others. HIV antibody can be detected at early stage of infection. Early detection will prevent the spread of HIV and provide early treatment. A diagnosis with HIV is no longer the death sentence it was once was. New treatments are allowing people to live long, healthy and normal lives.

Oralwell® Oral Fluid HIV ½ Screen Test is SFDA approved rapid assay for detection of HIV ½ antibodies in oral fluid and delivers results in 10 minutes. The assay is a 3rd generation of HIV ½ antibodies test utilizing a combination of specific HIV recombinant antigens.  The clinical study performed by Millitary Medical Academy of Microbiology and Epidemiology Institute demonstrated 98.28% of agreement for positive samples and 99.87% of agreement for negative specimen with reference ELISA method. The other infectious diseases including syphilis, hepatitis B, and hepatitis C show no interference with the performance of the device.